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Booking office Cultuurcentrum Bruges only by telephone during the day:
+32 (0)50 44 30 40
Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm
on Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm

In&Uit Bruges
't Zand 34, 8000 Bruges
open every day from 10 am to 6 pm


Iva Nova + Karl Hlamkin & OgneOpasnOrkestr »

Airbag openingsavond

The all female Russian band Iva Nova from St Petersburg guarantees a steaming mix of rigid Slavic folk, avant-garde, and tradition. Karl Hlamkin and his inflammable orchestra bring a cut from the same cloth. They set Burg alight with sturdy punk and a no-nonsense attitude. »

Charlotte Goesaert »


Charlotte Goesaert played and danced for Belgian and international companies like MAAS, Ro Theater, Tuning People and Romeo Castellucci. She recently started creating her own work as a choreographer. In Loophole, two top entertainers build a truth in seven loops and break it down again. Vocal artist Maaskant and performer Evangelos Biskas – whose roots lie in in urban dance and modern dance – captivate their audience with compelling dance moves, hypnotic music and personal confessions. Goesaert combines movement, words, songs, compositions, vocal art and mime and breaks down the barriers between audience and performers in a playful way. »

Astrid en Sofie »

Magic Mirrors Matinee

In the enchanting Magic Mirrors tent at Kruisvest you can enjoy four entertaining musical matinee concerts. »

Alles Loopt Op Rolletjes »

Kermis Op Rolletjes en Tattoo On Wheels

Airbag makes this Sunday a pleasant family day with a ‘Fun Fair on Wheels’ with several playful public competitions. Accordionist Bernard Van Lent provides the musical tone. »

Koen De Preter »


Choreographer Koen De Preter challenges himself as a dancer, pulling out all the stops. Dancing will be extreme, poetic, absurd, romantic, impressive and raw. He promises ‘pure movement and sweat’, like in some crazy discotheque. During Bits of Dance, he will present brand new material and pure improvisation. »

Bonjour Burlesque »

Airbag Burlesque

The Magic Mirrors tent becomes the decor for a delightful burlesque evening in the tradition of touring circuses and cabaret acts. »

Bruno Raemy Quartet »

Magic Mirrors Matinee

In the enchanting Magic Mirrors tent at Kruisvest you can enjoy four entertaining musical matinee concerts. »

Les Couteaux Twist »

Twist à la Française

On the initiative of our Northern French colleagues from the Wazemmes Accordion Festival, some representatives of the new generation of French rock have created an occasional band which brings the glory days of the French twist back to life. »

Adriano Cominotto & Pieter-Jan De Smet »


Accordionist Ad Cominotto and singer/musician Pieter-Jan De Smet have challenged themselves to give their own versions of the globally renowned songs of Schubert. »

Roberto’s Live Band »

Magic Mirrors Matinee

In the enchanting Magic Mirrors tent at Kruisvest you can enjoy four entertaining musical matinee concerts. »

Les Invités »

Magic Mirrors Aperitief

Elke De Meester returns once again and, together with her brand new trio Les Invités, invites you for a dance to French chanson and accordion. »

Orquesta Tipica Belgica »


The idea for this Orquesta Tipica Belgica arose from a meeting between contrabassist Kay Sleking and curator Gwen Cresens during the Brussels Tango festival. The orchestra presents dance music from Buenos Aires from the first half of the last century. The internationally lauded tango singer Omar Mollo joins up with the group specially for Airbag. »

Amariszi + La Panika »


The Dutch band Amariszi has developed a unique Balkan character which also sees a harmonious fusion of pop, reggae, and swing. La Panika ensures a smashing party with virtuoso and frenzied Balkan melodies. »

Jozef Sercu en Koor X »


Friday evening, the weekend beckons. What’s better for getting right in the mood than an hour of relaxed singing? With great people, in a typical Bruges pub, led by Jozef Sercu and Koor X. Bring friends, family and colleagues with you and sing along heartily! »

Bram Van Weverberg, Stan Maris, Kajetan Kubala, Louis De Backere »

Jonge Wolven

At the explicit request of guest curator Gwen Cresens, this eighth edition focuses on young talent. In this aperitif concert he presents a new generation of talented accordionists, some of them still students, others graduates, or others still with some experience of Airbag. »

Wör »

Back to the 1780's

The unique Flemish band Wör concentrates on world music based on Flemish eighteenth century melodies and serves them up in contemporary arrangements. »

Panienki »

Slavische muziek

This feisty North French all-female band is extremely popular in their home country, where they are dubbed by the media as ‘the Central European version of Zap Mama’. Their music combines Latin, French, and Central European influences. »

Alexander Vantournhout »

Red Haired Men

Alexander Vantournhout has brought some fresh air into the contemporary dance scene. He uniquely combines his dance education at PARTS with his trade of circus artist. For ‘Red Haired Men’, he and four other performers find inspiration in the short prose texts by Russian absurdist writer Daniil Charms. The result is a contemporary dance performance that combines magic, circus, contortionism and text. »

Maurizio Geri Swingtet + Jan De Smet »

monumentenzorg + Swing Manouche all'italiana

Guitarist Maurizio Geri gives his very own innovative rendering of swing jazz with lots of typical Italian singer-songwriter references and memories of his own Tuscan roots. Jan De Smet is a true icon of accordion music. He starts the evening off with a tribute to Derroll Adams, Drs. P, Richard Thompson and others. »

Wim Claeys en zijn schuune bende + Variomatic »

Bol Musette

Airbag revives folk pub life of bygone days with a bowls session in Bruges style in the garden of the Museum of Folk Life. Bowls is a typical Flemish folk game. Wim Claeys from Ghent and his fine gang, together with the group Variomatic, provide suitable musical backing. »

Osama Abdulrasol Quintet »


With his magical play on the kanun (harp), Osama Abdulrasol, born in Iraq, has yielded an exotic enrichment for Belgian and international music for a few decades. He has worked together with figures like Goran Bregovic, Roby Lakatos and Tom Robinson. His compositions form an elegant bridge between east and west. »

Gwen Cresens Quartet + Brussels Chamber Orchestra o.l.v. Michel Bisceglia »

Curator Night

Gwen Cresens is the proud curator of our festival and likes to put on his best show in Bruges. With his new group (converted to an XL formation for the occasion) he brings his own music plus compositions from his mini-CD Plaisir d’amour. Look out as well for some adventurous renditions of figures such as Bach and Grieg, his own renditions of tango classics, stirring film music and some amazing new versions of pop songs. »

Natalia Pieczuro »

This Kind of Bird Flies Backwards

Polish dancer Natalia Pieczuro lives in Brussels, dances with among others Lisbeth Gruwez and gives workshops. For Bits of Dance, she makes her debut as a choreographer. Her inspiration for this solo comes from moments of extreme emotions, moments during which we feel alive. She enters into dialogue with Bjørn Lescouhier, drummer of post-metal band Amenra. »

Trobalkanska + Anavantou »

Catalaanse rumba en Braziliaanse forro

The musical collective Anavantou forms an explosive mix of Brazilian and Belgian musicians with a penchant for the popular and festive Brazilian forro tradition, which enlivens the atmosphere during folk balls and dance parties. Trobalkanska is a group of 3 fascinating accordion players performing folklore music from the Catalan and Basque repertoires. »

Wim Berteloot en Ludo Mariën »


This concert blends the world famous sound of the Bruges carillon with music by Ludo Mariën, one of Flanders’ most popular accordionists. »

Philippe Thuriot, Rony Verbiest, Ivan Smeulders, Mike Smeulders, Toeac, Anne Niepold, Gwen Cresens »

Duo Night

A series of top class accordionists play in a duo this evening and bring various genres, from jazz and musette to lively classic with even a dash of rock. »

A Little Bra Band »


Accordionist Elke De Meester is accompanied in the Magic Mirrors tent by an eight-strong band of string musicians with a soft spot for traditional American music. Prepare yourself for a sturdy mix of acoustic Americana, country, blue grass and western swing. »

Aranis »

Smells like Aranis

This classically educated ensemble usually specialises in renditions of modern classical music and new work by Belgian composers. This time they change course and, in a totally new and individualistic manner, play music by Nirvana, the cult band from the nineties. Stunning, daring, and striking! »

Toeac »

Fairy Tales

In this family performance the world of fairy tales is threatened by that of digital games. The two girls from the accordion duo Toeac endeavour with music from figures such as Grieg, Ravel and Tsjaikovsky to give the story a happy ending. »

Stedelijk Conservatorium Brugge »

Leerlingenconcert accordeonklas

Accordion students from the Bruges Municipal Conservatory traditionally start up the festival. Tutor Elke De Meester has put together a varied programme of classic, light-classic, and popular pieces. »

Rumbaristas + Lalala Napoli »

rumba en tarantella

Rumbaristas is the spicy name of a cool musical quartet with Spanish, French, and Belgian roots. The collective concentrates on alternative world music in a mix of Catalonian rumba, Sicilian tarantella with a solid dash of ska, reggae, and cumbia. Lalala Napoli plays the accordion buttons for a heartwarming ‘Neapolitan ball’. »

L'Orchestre Dalidadaïste »

Viva Dalida!

Curator Gwen Cresens has put together an orchestra of musicians and singers from amongst his friends and dives into the repertoire of Dalida, the 1970s icon and monument of the French chanson. Enjoy immortal hits such as Ciao Ciao Bambino, Je suis Malade and obviously, J’attendrai. »

Airpassage »

accordeons in de stad

Once again, Airbag charms some Bruges squares with musical entertainment. You can expect an invasion of accordions and accordionists both on the Market Square and Burg Square. »

Boom'n Van De weireld »

Magic Mirrors Aperitief

We start our musical aperitif with world music from West Flanders. Boom’n Van De Weireld are musicians with a soft spot for chanson mixed with French porn pop, a dash of jazz, and streaks of Balkan music. »

Jo Arend Combo »

Magic Mirrors Matinee

In the enchanting Magic Mirrors tent at Kruisvest you can enjoy four entertaining musical matinee concerts. »